Preschool and Kindergarten

At Aristotle Preschool and Kindergarten we consider the children with every action we take. 

Τo πρόγραμμά μας βασίζεται στις σύγχρovες ψυχo-παιδαγωγικές αvτιλήψεις για τηv αγωγή τωv μαθητώv μας, λαμβάvovτας υπόψη τηv ιδιαιτερότητα και αvάπτυξή τoυς μέσα στo αμερικαvικό και ελληvικό περιβάλλov τoυς.

Teachers facilitate an environment where learning is fun and an  exciting process for all children. 
Our holistic approach addresses the social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of the whole child.

We believe in growing "Hearts, Minds, and Souls."   

Hours of Operation:
9 am - 1 pm Monday through Friday (preschool, preK and K)
9 am - 1 pm MWF (preschool part time only)

CALL (847) 647-8880 to inquire about enrollment

Thanksgiving Feast
November 26th @ 11am

Almsgiving Project

Three Little Pigs Play at
Chicago Kids Company

Tomorrow, November 21st
Parent-Teacher Conferences
We will meet at the Niles Public Library