Aristotle Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers (2021-2022)
Our staff brings a wide range of experience with young children and their families to Aristotle Preschool and Kindergarten. Through academic, professional and continuing education work, all staff members are highly qualified educators providing guidance and learning opportunities to all the children at Aristotle.  All staff dedicate hours each school year to furthering their professional knowledge and expertise.   

Magda Kelesidi
Director/Greek Teacher (PreK & Kindergarten)

K Magda  was born in 
Nafpaktos AetoloakarnaniasGreece. She finished High school in Nafpaktos and University in Patras with Honors.  She moved permanently to the states in 2012 and started to work at Aristotle.  In Greece, K. Magda was a social worker by profession.  K. Magda’s previous work experience includes working as a social worker for the municipality of Nafpaktos and as a teacher of social work in the department of social work of ATEI Patras. 

Amalia Voutas
English Teacher (Kindergarten)

Ms Lia has a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern UniversityHer teaching experiences range from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  She believes that children learn best by doing.  In her classroom, students will experience a safe, loving, caring and fun environment.  As an educator, she will help the Kindergarten students reach their full potential and teach them skills which will enable them to be life-long learners. 

She enjoys working with all the children at Aristotle Preschool and Kindergarten and has been working with all levels since 2010. 

Marianna Memmos
English Teacher (Preschool) 

Dimitra Giallelis
Greek Teacher (Preschool)

K. Dimitra started working at Aristotle in 2013 and comes to our program with years of experience in afternoon and Saturday Greek schools. K Dimitra also is a teacher in the Afternoon Aristotle School.


Chrisa Ganas
English Instructor (Preschool MWF)

Anastasia Eliopoulos

English Teacher (Pre-K)